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Designed and developed for the diversion of organic waste from landfills, the Marvel system is a process approved by Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) of Canada that qualifies for greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon credits.

Marvel is a patented system that achieves complete control of leachate (the liquid that drains or 'leaches' from a landfill) and solves the problem of air purification at the same time.  Continuous research and independent testing at the University of Guelph since 1999 has proven Marvel’s five key benefits:


1. Time and cost savings

2. Consistent high quality compost for agriculture/consumer use

3. Liquid and solid combined composting

4. Automation efficiencies

5. A series of technologies that complement Marvel

The Global Earth Products (GEP) MARVEL is an automated composting system that provides complete nutrient management for farms by composting manure and crop residuals to produce valuable organic fertilizer for on or off-site application. Bulking material having high carbon content is combined with the manure in constructed concrete channels which are automatically aerated, turned, and temperature controlled.

While eliminating odours and reducing volumes by up to 75%, demonstrations on liquid swine manure have also reduced methane emissions. Manure composting also remedies the problems of surface and groundwater contamination due to nitrate leaching and run-off from spreading applications.

The MARVEL system has a wide range of potential applications including all types of livestock manure, municipal sludge, industrial and organic landfill waste.

ETV Quote

The Environmental Technology Verification Program verified “effects of the

Marvel system are directly responsible for the beneficial impacts on the environment”.


The Marvel Composting system produces a high quality compost, rich in nutrients and pathogen free fertilizer. Utopia gold is useable on fields or can be sold as a high value soil enhancer. This bi-product will add dollars to the farm, rather than be a cost to the farmer or municipality.


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