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For the last 50 years, bubble-wrap and polystyrene (Styrofoam) packing material in the form of ‘peanuts’ or ‘chips’, or ‘foam-in-place’ and Kraft paper have been the standard choices for anyone needing packing protection for small items.

Commercial customers have been seeking to replace these items with recyclable or reusable alternatives. There is also a global move to use environmentally friendly packaging.

The name for the industry standard product for loose packaging is “void-fill” or “loose-fill”. This industry is dominated by a few players using plastic chips and foam that are harmful to the environment.


Almost all existing loose-fill products are made in large factories and shipped in bulk to distribution locations or end users. An environmentally friendly, on-demand product where it is needed would reduce the freight costs and carbon footprint dramatically.

GEP is introducing an alternative, innovative 100% paper-based solution called Paperchipz™.

The Paperchipz™ system comprises a small and efficient machine plus a paper roll which rapidly produces natural paper void-fill or loose-fill for packaging. The machine is about the size of a microwave oven and produces paper filler in the form of small paper chips.

Paperchipz replaces other filler product such as plastic chips on the market.

GEP’s proprietary, eco-friendly Paperchipz outperforms existing loose-fill packaging by providing similar protection, recycle-ability and compost-ability with lower manufacturing costs

Paperchipz™ is the New Green, Non-Plastic, On-Demand, Recyclable, Re-usable, Compostable Packaging Solution of the century.

Paperchipz has the added benefit of offering advertising printed right on the Paperchipz filler including a black and white or color application of an organization’s name, trade name, corporate logo or trademark.

According to the Freedonia Research Group*, growth in protective packaging demand will be 7.8% yearly through 2014 to $22.2 billion, driven be an upswing in manufacturing and Internet shopping.

Freedonia says the “growing emphasis on packaging sustainability will constrain demand for conventional foamed plastic protective packaging. Performance, environmental advantages and a robust outlook for e-commerce will fuel the need for packaging with enhanced resistance to impact, abrasion and temperature changes.”



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