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Tom Smith



Tom is the founder of GEP Global Earth Products. A graduate of the University of Guelph, he worked in the Crop Sciences Department as a research technician prior to a long career in livestock and crop farming.


Tom also brings direct experience with the livestock industry and an understanding of the environmental and cost issues associated with nutrient management through his national and international exposure as President of the Canadian Pork Council.


His work led to the formation of Global Earth Products and with the support of the National Research Council and the University of Guelph the development and patenting of the Marvel aerobic, automated composting system. Environment Canada is working with Global Earth Products to demonstrate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


Ralph Cilevitz

Chief Innovation Officer


Extensively involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution sectors in North America, specifically in the Electronics, Ergonomics and Packaging industries.


Mr. Cilevitz is recognized in North America as one of the leaders in Applied Industrial Ergonomics and as a pioneer of Static Control Paper and Environmental Packaging Products for the last 30 years.


Ralph graduated from the Witwatersrand Technicon in South Africa as an Electro-Mechanician. He is a successful inventor and innovator, having won the prestigious award for the Best Invention for Industry in Canada in 1998. He has recently introduced his ‘Paperchipz’ system for sustainable packaging as well as his 3C Coating which is a replacement for plastic or wax film in packaged goods plus UV curable floor coatings.

Ralph is also an amateur athlete and is ranked in the top 20 in the world in his age-group for multi-events in Track & Field

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